Site Plan

It is said that exquisite architecture transforms those who live within it. Sleek and sculptural, the articulated facade of Daintree Residence is reminiscent of the terrain of a quarry, creating a stunning composition that is technically cutting-edge yet naturally elegant. Showcasing the ripple effect of the quarry’s vertical topography, the artfully contoured facade elegantly sprouts up a Rainforest and a Valley, seamlessly integrating into the natural surrounds.

Basement & Landscape Deck of Daintree Residence

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Valley Wing

1Grand Entrance9Verandah
2Smart Storage10Infinity Pool
3Valley Boulevard11Bubbling Waters
4Water Terrace12Spa Beds
5Lantern Arrival13Valley Deck
6Green Terrace14Sun Lawn
7Lantern Valley15Serenity Walk
8Valley Pavilion16Verdant Garden

Rainforest Wing

17Water Bay26Cascading Water
18Hammock Bay27Splash Pool
19Jacuzzi28Rainforest Pavilion
20Foot Spa29Gymnasium
21Aqua Gym30Steam Rooms
22Rainforest Deck31Forest Bridge
2350m Leisure Pool32Heritage Lawn
24Tree Isle33Hanging Garden
25River Walk34Heliconia Garden


Valley Wing

  1. Grand Entrance
  2. Smart Storage
  3. Valley Boulevard
  4. Water Terrace
  5. Lantern Arrival
  6. Green Terrace
  7. Lantern Valley
  8. Valley Pavilion
  9. Verandah
  10. Infinity Pool
  11. Bubbling Waters
  12. Spa Beds
  13. Valley Deck
  14. Sun Lawn
  15. Serenity Walk
  16. Verdant Garden

Rainforest Wing

  1. Water Bay
  2. Hammock Bay
  3. Jacuzzi
  4. Foot Spa
  5. Aqua Gym
  6. Rainforest Deck
  7. 50m Leisure Pool
  8. Tree Isle
  9. River Walk
  10. Cascading Water
  11. Splash Pool
  12. Rainforest Pavilion
  13. Gymnasium
  14. Steam Rooms
  15. Forest Bridge
  16. Heritage Lawn
  17. Hanging Garden
  18. Heliconia Garden
Daintree Treetop Walk

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35Fitness Station40Chess Garden
36Meditation Lawn41Star Gazing Garden
37Yoga Deck42Spice & Herb Garden
38Games Station43Gourmet Pavilion
39Tennis Court44Alfresco Pavilion
45Teppanyaki Pavilion50Outpost
47Canopy BarGHGuard House
48CabanaBCBin Centre
49Cabana BarSSSubstation
35Fitness Station45Teppanyaki Pavilion
36Meditation Lawn46Canopy
37Yoga Deck47Canopy Bar
38Games Station48Cabana
39Tennis Court49Cabana Bar
40Chess Garden50Outpost
41Star Gazing GardenOthers
42Spice & Herb GardenGHGuard House
43Gourmet PavilionSSSubstation
44Alfresco PavilionBCBin Centre
  1. Fitness Station
  2. Meditation Lawn
  3. Yoga Deck
  4. Games Station
  5. Tennis Court
  6. Chess Garden
  7. Star Gazing Garden
  8. Spice & Herb Garden
  9. Gourmet Pavilion
  10. Alfresco Pavilion
  11. Teppanyaki Pavilion
  12. Canopy
  13. Canopy Bar
  14. Cabana
  15. Cabana Bar
  16. Outpost

GH – Guardhouse
SS – Substation
BC – Bin Centre